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Al-Nawawi: The Jurist of Islam Rafik H. Berjak

Al-Nawawi: The Jurist of Islam

Rafik H. Berjak

Published September 16th 2007
ISBN : 9781425131852
158 pages
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 About the Book 

Al-Nawawi: The Jurist of Islam is the biography of Imam al-Nawawi, one of the highest and most acclaimed scholars in Islam. This 150 page book describes the life and works of a saint. It is divided into seven chapters- each chapter representing a milestone of Imam al-Nawaws life. Throughout this biography, the author depicts a brilliant and vivid picture about Islam, its history and scholars.The thirteenth century scholar was born in Nawa, Syria to a poor family. Al-Nawawi, a talented youth grew up to be the scholar of his time. His father discovered his talents early in his childhood. He sent him to study in Damascus, the ancient centre of knowledge. In his mid-twenties, al-Nawawi began writing his everlasting legacy. Ten years later, he was appointed as the Dean of the highest Prophetic Tradition School, Dar al-Hadith al-Ashrafiyyah in Damascus. Rafik Berjak traces his biography back from the original Arabic sources. He collects the details of his life from the testimonies of his contemporaries who knew him intimately. He was, among other things, an authority on Prophetic Tradition and jurisprudence. He dedicated his whole life to knowledge, piety and the service of the people.Although he lived only forty-six years, the vastness of his works is astonishing. Al-Nawaw wrote many famous books on Islamic jurisprudence, history and legal opinion.His biography is a must read for anyone interested in Islam. It is an invitation for readers to cross their boundaries and explore some of the wonders of Islam.